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Weekend at the Overlook

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Weekend at the Overlook Dress Up Game


This game contains mature themes!

I am a huge fan of Stephen King's The Shining and Stanley Kubrick's movie that is based on the book. And this game is based on the book and movie, but this is definitely a game that you can enjoy if you're not familiar with the subject.
The graphics in this dress-up game are beautiful, made by Ummmmandy who is a favorite among dress-up fans - especially those who enjoy retro themes. The film came out in 1980 and the fashion is more 1970s. Lots of winter wear that looks comfortable and has that easy 1970s feel to it. We have denim overalls, we have turtlenecks, thick socks/leg warmers, plaid jackets, ear flap hats and many other goodies!
And lastly but definitely not least, this game has two body types, female and male, and the clothes fit both types. This of course makes the game so much more fun to play and increases the type of characters you can make. Maybe you can make Jack and Wendy both?
If you like non-binary dress-up games I recommend you check out Teddy Gray's Merfolk Creator - the very first non-binary dress up game ever!