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My goal is to bring you fun dress-up games every day!

Dress up Games

My mission is to update Dress Up Games daily with the best dress up games, offering games that are made for Dress Up Games and games that I select from other developers.

I take pride in being very selective in choosing games for all of you who play the games on Dress Up Games. I take great care to feature dress-up games with quality graphics, diverse story lines or themes, games that are respectful to persons featured in the games and also sensitive to my clients.

Games that are featured on Dress Up Games are, of course, dress-up games, and also makeover games, fashion games and other similar games where you can dress up, make up, build, decorate or make persons, rooms and houses. Dress Up Games was the first website ever to find all the dress-up games that were available online and bring them to fans. When Dress Up Games started 1998 these types of games didn’t even have a proper name, they were usually called paperdolls or dress-up dolls.

Dress Up Games has been updated regularly since 1998, now almost daily, always striving to create and find the very best dress up games out there for you, users of Dress Up Games!