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That 70s Vibe!

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Game Description

That 70s Vibe Dress Up Game

Get into the 1970s vibe and play dress-up with clothes, hairstyles, and accessories that defined the era from 1970 to 1980.

On the downer side, fast fashion was born in the 70s with cheaper, synthetic fabrics that allowed for mass production. The fabrics may have been cheap, but man were they fabulous! Those bell bottoms, skirts that ranged from very short to very long and of course, platform shoes! Those are probably the clothing items that define the decade but there was so much more good stuff!

This dress-up game, which features art by the talented Poika has a lot of the casual styles and natural autumn colors that were so popular in the 70s. Natural hairstyles and natural make-up, which also became more acceptible, is also included.

Another thing I like about this game, is that Poika has chosen items for this game that allow us to use it to create modern looks with retro, vintage, vibe!