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Y2K Fashion 2

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Game Description

Y2K Fashion Style Dress Up Game

This is version 2.0 of the Y2K fashion game with new low waist pants, moveable belts, cargo pants and tops, capri pants and easier color picker for the hairstyles.

This is what me and many other have been waiting for: a good quality, high fashion, and right on trend, dress up game celebrating the fashion of the 2000s. You will find all the essentials: a choker, a gold chain belt, chunky boots, cargo pants, low waisted pants and everything that was stylish in the 2000s. Oh and if you are confused by the title, the Y stands for year and K stands for thousand. So Year 2000 fashion!

Art by Poika - check out her art on www.instagram.com/poi.ka and twitter.com/poika_