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French Folklore

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French Folklore Dress Up Game


The two roses in the corners are shortcuts for the first and last pages.

Looking to add a little je ne sais quoi to your wardrobe? Why not take inspiration from the dress-up game of la Francophonie? In this game, you can dress up a French girl in traditional costume with all the flair of vintage dolls and regional folk fashion. Before the industrial revolution, women in France usually wore a long skirt with a wide apron, and a fancy headdress which varied depending on the region. Today, you can channel that same Folkore style by accessorizing your look with items like berets, Breton stripes, and other Parisian-chic staples. So whether you're planning your next trip to the City of Love or just looking to add some French flair to your wardrobe, don't forget to dress up la Francophonie-style!