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Game Description

Villains vs Princesses School Fashion Dress Up Game

What happens when villains and princesses are all in the same place? In some way, it's a clash of the titans! Long ago, we could only imagine villains and princesses studying together in a school setting. But now that we have free dress up games online, it's easier to embrace what's possible. In this game, two villains and two princesses are vying for your admiration by wearing their best outfits daily as they enter their school gates. It's a wild mix of styles—on one hand you have villains dressed in black while on the other you've got princesses awash in pinks and pastels from the pages of fairytales and Disney classics.

This competition between villains and princesses has surely stayed alive for generations, but it's even more evident every day at our school gates! So which do you like more? The villains or the princesses? You decide! That’s what makes this dress up game so special: you get to pick who you want to see outfitted in their most glamorous looks! Have fun exploring both sides—both villains and princesses—and seeing how their different style choices stand out against each other. See who brings winning looks to the school gates this time around!