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Return of the Dollz

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Game Description

Return of the Dollz Dress Up Game

Do you remember dollz? Sometimes called cartoon dolls and the games to create them were called dollmakers. Extremely popular around 2000 but seems only yesterday for those of us who remember playing with them!

I got Poika to make an updated dollz version for this dollmaker. She is of course a lot bigger, with more details, especially more visible details because the dollz were quite small. Probably because the screens were much smaller back then!

The game features 2000s (Y2K) fashion with low rise cargo pants, clunky shoes, crop tops, and those thin scarves everybody wore back then. I really hope you like this game, weather you are an old fan of dollz or new to them!

Graphics by the talented Poika, check out her art at instagram.com/poi.ka/

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