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Princess Steampunk

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Game Description

Princess Steampunk Fashion Dress Up Game

The best way to describe Steampunk in one sentence is to imagine how someone from the Victorian era would imagine the future. And the future in that vision, being the time period we are currently living in. The colors we usually see in Steampunk clothes are dark, lots of muted colors, sepia colors, think black, browns, grey, muted dark green colors and, sell, you probably get it! But this is where the the princesses come to play, because you can't really dress princesses in dark, muted colors only - that just won't do at all! No, we make exceptions to make the steampunk style fit for the princesses Rapunzel, Moana, Ariel and Elsa and use colors like bright blue, white, yellow and pink. I actually think that the princesses bring a fun flair to the steampunk style - what do you think?