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Pastel Cyberpunk

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Game Description

Pastel Cyberpunk Dress Up Game

I'm so psyched about this game with graphics by the super talented Lee Yan who made the Inspired by Winx dress-up that has been very popular!

Cyberpunk is an interesting theme, but can be very severe, dark and even frightening. Cuberpunk is a subset of science fiction set in a dystopian future, often ruled by AI and robots. Some cyberpunk movies, films and video games are set online and in cyberspace. Hence the name!

But by adding pastel colors to the theme, it becomes far less harsh and much more appealing. Don't get me wrong, I like dark cyberpunk with lots of black clothes and gritty backgrounds, but I also really love pastels and mashing up those two themes makes a fun, cool and very visually appealing aesthetic. I really hope you enjoy this game which is exclusive to DressUpGames.com and not available on other websites.

To check out more of Lee Yan's art, go to www.instagram.com/leeyan.art/