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Noble Fighter

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Game Description

Noble Fighter Dollmaker Game

The creator of this game, Pastelkatto, wrote on her Facebook page that the working title of this game was "Fancy Military Uniform Dollmaker". But she wasn't feeling the military aspect of it so before releasing the game, the name was changed to "Noble Fighter Dollmaker". I'm telling this story here because i think it says a lot about the thinking process of making this game in particular and the making of dress-up games in general. Sometimes the first idea is a very broad concept like a "fancy military outfit" which becomes a fighter who wears fancy uniforms. Then a noble fighter is born! And with the options of facial customization, provided clothes and the ability to change colors, you can make your noble fighter very glamorous in brightly colored garbs or put her in an outfit that's more like customary military uniforms, camouflage colors and so on. Use your imagination and have fun!