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Merfolk Creator

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Game Description

Merfolk Character Creator Game

Get ready to dive deep into the world of mermaids with this exciting merfolk character creator and dress up game! With full genetics customization, you can create the mermaid you want, with a wide selection of tails, and legs!, to choose from.

You can also customize their hair, and choose from a plethora of tops and accessories for a complete and unique outfit. Plus, for even more variety, there are male and gender-neutral torsos to select from as well.

Inspired by The Little Mermaid, both Ariel and Ursula, as well as Vanessa and Ariel's sisters, this game is sure to spark your imagination. And with painted backgrounds to tell your merfolk's story, this game is a true delight for mermaid lovers everywhere. What's even more exciting? The hidden bonus in the final background! So, gather your friends and dive into the wonderful world of mermaids with this amazing merfolk dress up game!