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Insta Girls Hypebae

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Insta Girls Hypebae Dress Up Game

This is the first time I've heard about hypehabe so I read up on the style online. Here is a description from The Unfashionista:

"a style of dress in which the wearer (usually female) incorporates a number of characteristic components: a strong profusion of athletic elements such as leggings, cropped tanks or T-shirts, and sneakers. Prominent logos of athletic brands are common. Accessories often include angular sunglasses and belt bags worn as crossbodies. The hypebae style is frequently aggressive and masculine, and based in the strong neutral colors of white and black."

And the revised description from The Unfashionista is:

"Hypebae (n.) A girl or woman whose personal style leans heavily towards exclusive brands and limited production items, particularly those of an athletic nature or a typically masculine aesthetic. Common elements in a hypebae's wardrobe include sneakers, prominent logos, technical outerwear, and belt bags worn as crossbody bags."

My favorite about this trend, and this game, is that there is a good selection of tops and trousers to mix and match with the accessories - very cool!