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Forest Guardian

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Game Description

Forest Guardian Dress Up Game

This game has everything you need to create a forest guardian and she can be a mythical creature or she can be a normal human being. Or maybe a hybrid, a mix of both worlds?

The skin colors available range from human to blue, green and other colors that are definitely not human. You can use elf ears and wings to create your forest guardian, and there are lots of skin paint and tattoos that you can use to make her more fierce and look more like a warrior. Green skin paint will absolutely make her blend in with the forest!

This game is very big, with so many choices to customize the character and dress her up in clothes and jewelry. And yes, guardians absolutely wear jewelry and look badass doing it! And options to customize are many, there are actually three categories for the eyes alone - and that does not include eye make-up!

Enjoy the Forest Guardian creator - art by the very talented Kinibee, check out her art at instagram.com/kinibee