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Cozy and Casual

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Cozy and Casual Dress Up Game

[Game licensed courtesy of Elequinoa - contact her for publishing rights]

I have many types of favorite dress-up game themes, but I think casual wear is my absolute favorite! Why? I'm not really sure but I think it's because it makes it possible to roleplay all sorts of scenarios and characters from real life.

Elequinoa has the genetics covered which allows you to create a character with your choice of skin color, various eye, mouth and nose shapes, and all sorts of hairstyles.

This game has many categories of clothes that you can layer to create the casual style look that you want. The accessories and extras add fun and personality to your character, you can pick handheld extras for both her hands and an item for her lap - so much fun!

Elequinoa took inspiration from vintage clothing, modern witch aesthetic, Hogwarts Houses, Ashley from BestDressed (her idol), Jerianie, Christine McConnell, her own wardrobe... :)

Find Elequinoa's links here : https://elequinoa.carrd.co