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Game Description

City Break Fashionistas Dress Up Game

How does one dress for a city break? If I'm going to be walking around a big city all day long, you will find me wearing the most comfortable sneakers ever made! As for the clothes, as long as I'm not planning to go to a fancy restaurant or something like that, comfort is key. But the magic of dress-up games is that you don't have to think about comfort, and can focus solely on putting together the best looking outfit you can dream up! Sadly, this game only has full outfits, so you can't mix and match tops and bottoms, only full outfits with the choice of hairstyles, jewelry, glasses and bags. But it's a fun little dress-up to play when you're in the mood for a quick game featuring a group of friends. :) from morning to seeing all the sights of a big city all day