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Cute Candy Cane

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Game Description

Cute Candy Cane Anime Style Dress Up Game

Customize the anime style features of the model from scratch, choosing her skin color, color of her large eyes and shape, her hairstyle and color, and shape of her mouth - including my favorite: blowing a bubble. The clothes are so super cute, exactly what you would expect from Veggie Studio which made the graphics in this game. The style is anime and the theme is candy and that shows in the color choices and the decorations. It’s not overtly in your face but you can see how some pieces were inspired by ice cream, hard candy, waffles, and lollipops.

Art by VeggieStudio - check out their art at deviantart.com/veggiestudio
Thanks to DollDivine.com and meiker.io for their help with the project