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Bridgerton Inspired

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Game Description

Bridgerton Inspired Regency Dress Up Game

[Game licensed courtesy of Elequinoa - contact her for publishing rights]

Bridgerton is a hit series on Netflix that has everyone talking. The show is set in the regency period and follows the Bridgerton noble and powerful family. Like noble people of the time, The Bridgertons do not work so looking for love is a full time job! The show is very romantic and the fans are shipping the characters left and right.

According to the game creator, Elequinoa, this game also takes inspiration from other works, both films, books and TV series. Jane Austen's work like Emma and Pride and Prejudice is a big inspiration, even Pride, Prejudice and Zombies, which according to Elequinoa is her favorite brand of stupid - and I have to agree!

There are easter eggs to find in this game and the scenery is beautiful with background characters that make you feel like you are in another time and world.

The game is not supposed to be historically accurate :)

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