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Beauty Bloggers Fantasy

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Beauty Bloggers : Fantasy Edition Make Up Game

If you're a regular here at DressUpGames you have definitely seen and probably plaid one or all of the three Beauty Bloggers games that have been published before! These games have been very well liked by you guys (thanks for that!) and I think there are at leas three reasons for that. One, having two characters on the screen at the same time really makes it feel like those character have a relationship, that there is friendship there - and maybe something more? Two, the focus is on their faces so the game can offer ways to customize the characters in details that is difficult to do when it's a full body doll. Three, all of these games have fun themes and make-up choices that some may call over-the-top but for others, it is just right! The themes of the previously published Beauty Bloggers games are rock, kawaii, the original one, and this one is pure fantasy with mermaid and fairy influences!