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Game Description

Barbiemania Make Up Game

Are you ready to embark on a makeup adventure that lets your inner stylist shine? Look no further than Barbiemania's exciting makeup game! Join us on a glamorous journey into the world of fashion and beauty, and take your makeup skills to a whole new level. Get ready to create stunning makeup looks for various occasions alongside the iconic doll herself, Barbie. Let's dive into the magical world of Barbiemania and unleash your creativity!

In the first level, you'll craft a celestial metallic makeup look for Barbie, inspired by stars and constellations. Let your imagination soar as you explore endless makeup options. Begin by selecting the perfect hairstyle that complements the starry theme, from sleek updos to flowing curls. Experiment with a range of eyeshadow colors that capture the mesmerizing cosmos, and enhance Barbie's eyes with volumizing mascara. Complete the look with a lipstick shade that adds the final touch of metallic glam. Elevate the celestial vibe by accessorizing Barbie with constellation-inspired jewelry and sequined tops, making her shine like a star!

Next, in the second level, help Barbie achieve a professional office look that exudes confidence. Choose a hairstyle that balances elegance and practicality, and opt for neutral eyeshadow shades that enhance her natural beauty. Define her lashes with careful mascara application and choose a subtle lipstick shade for a polished finish. Dress her in sleek suits or chic blazers, and add office-inspired accessories to complete the ensemble. Let Barbie conquer the workday with style!

Yearning for more? Don't miss the third level, where you'll transform Barbie into a retro diva straight from the vibrant 1980s. Embrace bold and glamorous makeup looks inspired by this iconic era of pop culture. Create voluminous hairstyles, experiment with bright eyeshadow colors, and choose daring lipstick shades that steal the spotlight. Accentuate her look with statement jewelry and funky sunglasses, capturing the true essence of the 1980s.

With Barbiemania's limitless possibilities, you're free to explore various makeup options, hairstyles, eyeshadows, mascara, lipstick, and accessories. Mix and match to create the perfect look for each occasion. Unleash your creativity and let your inner stylist shine with Barbiemania's realistic makeup game. Start playing now to experience the excitement of crafting stunning looks alongside the legendary Barbie herself!