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Game Description

Barbie at the Beach Dress Up Game

Somehow our friend Barbie is not working a single job today – and you know how many jobs she has, so that’s a surprise! At first I was a little suspicious but Barbie actually has another plan in mind. Instead of working on anything, Barbie wants to spend today relaxing at the beach with her besties. Hey, she’s a former vice president (among many other things) and she’s earned it! Now, she has purchased a wardrobe full of swimwear because she’s so excited her day off from work. I wish I was exaggerating, but you can see for yourself! Barbie has tons of swimsuits, cover ups, sandals, and jewelry to create tons of beachy outfits, and she wants your help putting the right look together. She’s only going for one day so she went a tad overboard with all the shopping… but don’t let her hear me say that! You know what happened to Ken!