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All Year Round Cinderella

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Game Description

All Year Round Fashion Addict Cinderella Dress Up Game

Meet Cinderella, the outstanding fashionista behind one of the most popular fashion blogs out there. With your assistance, this fashionable expert is embarking on a new endeavor: crafting a year's worth of clothes! Yes, you have the opportunity to channel your inner fashion designer and work with Cinderella to design twelve stunning looks that perfectly capture the mood of each month. For winter, consider warm sweaters, pastel colors, and striking patterns. Springtime calls for floral prints and airy fabrics that evoke the spirit of rebirth. Summer asks for bright, vibrant bursts of color and airy maxi dresses as the temperatures increase. Finally, autumn ushers in cozy, earthy hues and fashionable layering. The possibilities are unlimited when your creative talent is combined with Cinderella's strong sense of style! Take over blogging by banding together with this fashion icon.