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Vest and Tutu

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Vest and Tutu Dress Up Game

Some people think tutus are reserved for dolls and ballerinas, but I’m pretty sure they’ve become a style staple at this point! It’s pretty awesome to wear a big fluffy skirt and walk through town – imagine a tutu so poufy you take up the whole sidewalk as you go about your business. Now who could leave something like that for Barbie alone? Not me and definitely not our girl Sadie, who is a big fan of her tutu inspired dresses and skirts. The cool thing is, Sadie works in a corporate office where most people are in plain clothes. Today she wants to wear something over the top to make a bold statement! Sadie’s closet is full of the fluffiest skirts imaginable in many different styles, from dark and sleek to bold and bright. She even has formal gowns as well. Help Sadie get dressed to make a normal work day both expressive and fun!