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Game Description

Vandala Doubloons Monster High

Vandala Doubloons is the daughter of a ghost pirate and attends Haunted High, a school specifically for ghosts. Her love for adventure and exploration is similar to her father, an accomplished and very skilled boat captain. Vandala does have one little issue – she gets incredibly seasick whenever she goes sailing! That isn’t the easiest issue for someone who has an infamous ghost pirate father, so Vandala is going to attempt to conquer her sickness today with your help. You can dress this ghoulish gal up in sea and pirate inspired looks. Give her a large hat or eyepatch as well, although the latter might not help her seasickness. When Vandala conquers her fears she plans on sailing the seven seas and exploring everywhere the world has to offer. Hopefully she can pull that off before her final exams at Haunted High, of course!