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The Age of Adaline Favorite Movies Dress Up Game

If you haven’t seen the move “The Age of Adaline” then grab your popcorn and get settled in, because this is the real deal! Okay, you might wanna put the popcorn aside for just a second because today you get to dress Adaline, the character from this amazing movie. In the film, Adaline is a woman that is 29 years old and never ages – and I’m dying to know her secret! You can dress Adaline is classic dresses from the film, including evening gowns, vintage frocks, and other classic looks that have a distinct retro vibe. I guess if you never age you tend to like old-fashioned styles instead of modern ones. This makes me wonder about Taylor Swift… do you think she also has anti-aging magic powers?! Hey, with her cool retro style it’s something to think about!