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Sporty Barbie

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Game Description

Sporty Barbie Dress Up Game

There’s a reason Barbie and I are pretty good friends – well, two reasons if you count that I want to borrow her clothes on occasion. Barbie is always interested in something new! Some people don’t understand why Barbie changes careers all of the time, but I do. It’s because she likes so many different things – why just have one hobby if you can have lots of hobbies, right? One thing is for sure, Barbie is never bored! That being said, Barbie has actually started her own baseball team with her friends. They don’t really keep score all that much but they do have a ton of fun playing. Even though Barbie likes to play sports, she still likes putting together a fun outfit. In this game you can choose from many different kinds of athletic clothing – from jogging pants to skirts, pretty much everything is included! Oh and don’t forget a comfortable pair of shoes. No high heels today Barbie, we’re putting our foot down (no pun intended).