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Game Description

River Styx Dress Up Game

Don’t get too spooked out by River Styxx, the daughter of the grim reaper! She might seem like a creepy ghoul, but she’s actually a total sweetheart. She is training to become a grim reaper like her father, but she doesn’t have much in common with her super serious pap. River is bubbly, cheerful, and loves candy much more than she likes scaring people. As you can tell from my description River is pretty much the perfect BFF to have. She’s nice and lots of fun to be around, plus she keeps her pockets stocked with rainbow skittles – now does that sound like a grim reaper to you? You can help River get dressed for a day of classes in this fun dress-up game. Her clothes are dark and kind of creepy, especially that long flowing black cape. In spite of that, once you see this Haunted High student giggle you know she isn’t scary at all!