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Game Description

Ready for Recital Dress Up Game

I thought she was making herself a french toast but then she put that stuff on her face! If you don’t like seeing eggs wasted, you can just click on skip in the beginning! But back to Carrie who is ready for her big recital. Actually, she is nervous about performing so I told her to picture everyone in their underwear, but she said that makes her even more anxious – I thought it was good advice, though! Either way, Carrie definitely needs your help getting ready to perform. You can give her a facial (if she hasn’t eaten those eggs!) and do her hair and make-up, but don’t forget the most important aspect of all, which is her dazzling gown! There are many options, but they all sparkle beautifully under the limelight. If I were Carrie I’d be more nervous about tripping in those high-heels than forgetting the notes of the music. Perhaps I shouldn’t have mentioned that, however!