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Game Description

Queen Make Up Game

How would it feel to be queen for a day? I’m imagining a huge castle with a big golden throne, and perhaps an adoring crowd of people that cheer your name. This young queen named Amelia says that theory isn’t quite correct, however. In her castle she usually sits on the sofa and plays dress-up games just like this one! Sometimes she enjoys a cup of tea or plays with the royal puppy her parents got her for Christmas. She thinks being a queen is mostly boring, aside from the dramatic outfits she can wear! Just take a look for yourself. Amelia has plenty of formal gowns and over the top make-up looks to choose from. I think being a queen is even more appealing now – not much to do, but tons of cool clothes to wear! Luckily by dressing up Amelia we can live vicariously through her!