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Chibi Princesses

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Game Description

Modern Chibi Princesses

I didn’t know it was possible for Queen Elsa from ‘Frozen’ and Rapunzel from ‘Tangled’ to get any cuter – but this game proved me wrong! These two Disney stars have decided to go on a trip to Disney World together. Not only that, it seems that they are in chibi form! Their fans won’t know whether to ask for an autograph or cuddle them until they turn blue! These adorable royal ladies need your help getting ready. You can choose some of their signature outfits and hairstyles or give them both modern looks. Don’t forget to give them fun add-ons like Mickey Mouse balloons and Minnie Mouse ears. You can even let Elsa bring her buddy Olaf along for the trip. I’ll bring a cooler for him… it’s pretty warm at Disney World, you know!