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Game Description

Mermaid Princess Hair Styles Makeover Game

rista loves being a mermaid – and I mean, who could blame her? She gets to swim in the ocean, have awesome dolphin friends, and she never has to walk anywhere! Okay, so maybe that last thing is only good for lazy gals but I think it’s pretty neat myself. Despite the fact that she loves being a mermaid, Arista has been going to the rocky shore to watch a festival during weeknights. She likes watching the humans sing and dance, and she wants to join in on their celebrations as well! You can help Arista get ready for another night of people watching by fixing her mermaid hair. She’s going for something that isn’t wet – so you can use your imagination from there. You can also pick Arista’s mermaid outfit, make-up, and accessories to help her have a great time near the land.