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Mermaid Fantasy

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Game Description

Mermaid Fantasy Make Up

Being a mermaid might sound awesome, but there are a few challenges. You have to sleep inside of a giant clam shell, which can be a little claustrophobic. You have to constantly brush your hair to keep it from getting tangled. Oh, and let’s not forget how tricky it can be to have a nice meal when it’s all soggy and tastes like seawater! Yes, being a mermaid has some obstacles – but there are a lot of upsides too! Kacie loves everything about being a mermaid, especially getting to change her hair color whenever she feels like it. She can swim all day long and spend time with her animal friends as well. That might even be worth the whole clamshell thing! You can help Kacie get ready for a special mermaid event her family is having this evening in this make-up game.