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Game Description

Kjersti Trollson Dress Up Game

Monster High student Kjersti Trollson is more than a high-schooler with a very difficult to spell first name – she’s a gamer! This scary smart young lady is better at video games than anyone else in her school. Gaming is a talent, and not everyone can do the things Kjersti can do. Have you ever seen your parents level up in Mario Kart? If so you have some pretty awesome parents, but if not that just proves my point. Kjersti loves being a self-proclaimed nerd but she always likes dressing up in ghoulishly glamorous outfits. You can help her pick out the perfect outfit for a 24 hour video game marathon she’s having with her best friends. That’s right, Kjersti wants to get dressed up for a day of staying at home and playing video games. Sounds like this teen is living the good life to me!