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Game Description

Happy Birthday Barbie Dress Up Game

Barbie is throwing a big party, and we’re all invited… well, to help her get dressed for it, that is. I’m just kidding – Barbie has invited us to celebrate with her as well. Why is there a party? Well, Barbie has just graduated clown school. No, I’m not making this up! Barbie has 500 jobs including doctor, lawyer, neurophysicist, veterinarian, and college professor. She’s a fairly busy lady, as you can tell. Now Barbie has decided to become a part time clown. I didn’t ask her why she did it, but I did ask her if I could throw a pie in her face later. Anyway, let’s celebrate Barbie’s newest career with a big party. You can help her and her whole crew get dressed in party dresses, fun accessories, and classic Barbie hairstyles in this fun dress up game.