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Game Description

Ginger Breadhouse Dress Up Game

Meet Ever After High student Ginger who would much rather become a pastry chef then follow her destiny of the being the next witch known from the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale! Ginger is pretty much world famous for her homemade desserts. She loves baking for others so much that she often dresses in pastry inspired outfits! Now that’s some serious dedication to cookies! She is willing to make you any dessert you desire if you’ll help her dress for the grand opening of her new sweets shop – Ginger’s Breadhouse. Now, keep in mind that Ginger’s closet contains some pretty interesting options. She has a sprinkled donut dress and a cupcake headband, for example! You should feel free to get creative with Ginger’s outfits. Oh, but please remember that her outfits are not edible! Trust me, I tried to take a bite from her frosting leggings, and it did not end well!