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Game Description

Frankie Stein Human Halloween

Halloween is a spooky yet exciting time of year. Us humans dress up as monsters and trick-or-treat for bags full of candy. In another part of the universe, you might be surprised to know that monsters dress up as well – as humans! Franke Stein, daughter of the legendary Dr. Frankenstein’s monster, is throwing a party for all of her ghoulishly glamorous friends. The only catch is everyone has to dress up like a human! Now, that might sound awfully boring to us, but it’s extremely fun for these Monster High gals. You can help Frankie create a humanistic look that is much different than her usual punk inspired clothes. Frankie also wants your help unscrewing her bolts, which I find a little bit painful to watch! I hope those things don’t keep her bolted together or we’ll be having a Humpty Dumpty party instead of a human party!