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Game Description

Fashion Studio Teacher Outfit Design Game

Kelly is a new, young teacher who takes her outfits pretty seriously – so seriously, in fact, that she is hiring you to create a signature outfit from scratch just for her first day of school! In this fashion game, we go back to the basics. From cut to fabric, from pattern selection to color, you have complete control over Kelly’s brand new outfit. Not only that, but you get to style Kelly before her classroom debut by choosing a hair style, accessories, and shoes as well. I took a quick look at the fabric selections, and you’ll be pleased to know there are endless possibilities for you! I did notice that Kelly only has one pair of loafers out of all those high heels – she has a higher pain tolerance than I do, that’s for sure! One good thing about this game is you have the option of skipping the manual labor – you can go from making fashion selections to immediately seeing your creations come to life! Now this is a game I can get behind, how about you?