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Game Description

Elsa Breaks Naughtly

Don’t be too alarmed, but Queen Elsa of the Disney movie ‘Frozen’ has decided to give up her throne and become a rock star. I know, this is certainly shocking news! I have a hunch that Elsa has been talking to Barbie and was thus inspired to change careers because of her. Her ice kingdom certainly needs her, but for now Elsa wants to perform rock and roll. Hey, maybe this new life will work out well for Elsa. She has always been a bit of a rebel in the Disney world – perhaps a little hair dye, some punk style, and a guitar will work in her favor. You can help Elsa get ready for her rock star debut in this dress-up game. Choose looks that are unique and… well, a whole lot different than a Disney ball gown, that’s for sure. Some of the clothes in this game look like they are missing some fabric! Hopefully Elsa can rock out without freezing in these interesting options.