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Grandma Dress

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Game Description

DIY Grandma Dress Refashion Game

Kristen has been creating her own clothes ever since she was a little girl. One time she turned her mother’s favorite curtains into a fabulous blue dress. She got grounded for that incident, but it was worth it! Today Kristen has moved on from destroying home décor and is more interested in DIY projects using old clothes. Kristen’s grandmother was going to throw away some dresses, until Kristen got a great idea – why not reinvent these frocks to create looks that are modern and fun? You can help Kristen make these vintage dresses look completely new and unique. Choose new colors and use the virtual scissors to cut away excess fabric for a better fitting dress. It’s so sweet that Kristen wants to recreate her grandmother’s clothing and wear it herself. I wouldn’t recommend cutting up your grandma’s clothes without asking first, though! That might end pretty badly, and no one wants an upset granny on their hands!