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Disney Princess Wedding Dress Up Game


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I really like the idea of a Disney princess group wedding, but I have to say that I don't like the idea of the "who's the prettiest bride" bit at the end. For one thing, aren't weddings about being happy with your partner, not competing with other brides? And another point, who can really judge about who is the prettiest, it's all a matter of taste! With those annoyances out of my system, let's enjoy the game! Here we have Elsa, Cinderella and Ariel together, dress up as brides so I assume they are getting married. They're not getting married to each other because as far as I know, the marriage between three people isn´t legal anywhere! But maybe two of them are getting married, and one of them is their bridesmaid? Or their princes are getting dresses somewhere else and they will be having the group ceremony later?