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Disney Princess Tea Party Dress Up Game

I suppose I should be on my best behavior – it appears these two Disney princesses are having a royal tea party! Queen Elsa has invited Rapunzel to her tea party and they both want your help getting ready. Be easy on Rapunzel, though… she has lived in a tower her entire life and might not be the best at table manners. Elsa isn’t too picky about that, thankfully. She’s always been somewhat of a rebel, though! These two unlikely companions actually have a lot in common. They both hate wearing traditional poufy ball gowns, they enjoy a good cup of tea, and they aren’t huge fans of their royal responsibilities! I think a new Disney movie about Elsa and Rapunzel would be pretty interesting considering all their similarities. For now I suppose they’ll have to stick with their tea parties, thanks to your help, of course!