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Colorful Fall

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Game Description

Colorful Fall Dress Up Game

Fall is a beautiful time of year and no one can deny that the autumn colors are absolutely breathtaking. The browns, yellows, and deep reds of fall paint a perfect picture that many try to recreate with their style. Kayla loves the fall weather, but she has to admit her personal style involves much brighter colors than browns and reds. She likes blue, pink, yellow, and a host of other hues that you don’t see very often during this time of year. Instead of just wearing colors she doesn’t like Kayla goes against the grain and creates colorful outfits that stand out. You can help her create a brand new outfit for a pumpkin festival she is attending with her best friend. Afterwards Kayla will probably get a gingerbread latte from Starbucks – lattes may be brown, but that’s one time Kayla won’t complain about color!