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Game Description

Cleopatra Makeover Studio

Did you know Cleopatra was only a young girl when she became the Pharaoh of Egypt? Well, that’s kind of a busy job! Not that Cleopatra is complaining or anything, but she would be so grateful if you would help her get ready for a ceremony tonight. It’s been a long day, full of Pharaoh responsibilities, and the last thing this queen wants to do is worry about making the Egyptian best dressed list! Cleopatra is entrusting you with the responsibility of looking through her royal wardrobe to find the perfect ensemble for her to wear. Try not to get overwhelmed – Cleopatra has such an extensive wardrobe, you can even change the color of her garments! Think like an Egyptian and help the Pharaoh make her grand entrance tonight! A friendly word of advice – don’t worry about using too much thick eyeliner! This queen is famous for doing just that.