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Christmas Wedding

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Christmas Wedding Dress Up Game

Some people like to have their wedding day in the spring, when the flowers are newly bloomed and the weather is perfect. Some people prefer the relaxed summer months and some people like the colors of fall. This couple has opted for a winter wedding – in fact, they are getting married on Christmas day. That might sound like a bad idea, but their family will all be there to help them celebrate. With décor of Christmas trees and snowflakes, this wedding will be festive and fun. You can help these two lovebirds choose outfits that are slightly different than the typical white wedding gown and plain black tux. The bride has plenty of red gowns to choose from, and the groom also has red suits. They are one step away from looking like giant candy canes, but I think their unique wedding style is really refreshing. Plus I’m sure Santa will appreciate their efforts, too!