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Chocolate Chef

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Game Description

Chocolate Chef Dress Up Game

Cecily is a chocolate chef who has worked very hard to open her own candy shop. She’s a nice girl who I’m sure you’ll like a lot! Tonight is the grand opening of her candy shop, and Cecily wants your help to look her best for this special event. I would help, but I’m too busy drooling over those chocolate peanut butter bon-bons – it’s very hard to get a job done when you’re surrounded by chocolate! It seems you have more willpower than I do, so I think you can handle the job just fine. You can choose from a wide variety of pieces, including quirky and modern or more modest and vintage styles of dresses. Whatever fashion style you decide to choose, make sure Cecily is ready to represent her new business tonight! Also, if you could convince her to pay us in chocolate – I mean, I know we don’t really get paid anyway, but bon-bons are a good incentive to work hard, aren’t they?