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Game Description

Cedar Wood Spring Unsprung Ever After High Dress Up Game

It’s springtime at Ever After High, and it’s time for the sons and daughters of famous fairytale favorites to decide if they will follow in their famous parents’ footsteps. This is Cedar Wood, the daughter of Pinocchio. Cedar is prepping for the big fair coming up soon, where all of the Ever After High students will show up in their best costumes. This is where you come in – choose from magical and delightful style options to help Cedar look the “real girl” she dreams of someday becoming. A word of advice, however – this wooden lady cannot tell a lie or her nose will grow twice its size (it’s not her fault; she has the same curse as her father!). Just be careful about telling her too many secrets – you wouldn’t want the entire school to know your most embarrassing stories! Trust me... I learned this one the hard way.