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Barbie Rock Royals

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Game Description

Barbie Rock and Royals Dress Up Game

Just when you think Barbie has settled on a career, she finds something new to try! In this dress-up game Barbie is stealing the show as a rock star, but she is also dining with royalty as a princess in a palace. Sound confusing? Well, a slight mix up has Barbie trading places in this game and her wardrobe is mixed up as a result. Ball gown skirts and studded sparkly tops are combined to create looks that work for a rock concert or a princess party. Barbie is overwhelmed by her new wardrobe and could use your help choosing the right outfit for her day of working overtime. Barbie will eventually have to choose between rock and roll or the princess life, but I know she’ll make the right decision. In fact, knowing Barbie she’ll already have a new career in mind by then!