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Game Description

Barbie Pop Star Dress Up Game

Did you hear the news? Barbie has become a pop star! It’s a little weird considering she was an astronaut just last week. Oh, and wasn’t she a pet groomer the week before that? And I think she was a firefighter the week before that! Barbie changes careers a lot, but that’s one of the reasons I like her. It’s a little silly, but there’s no harm in chasing your dreams I suppose! Anyway, Barbie has a huge concert coming up and she wants to pick a fun look for her special night. I recommended you as a stylist, so Barbie is excited to see what you’ll pick. Choose from 80s inspired looks, like a side ponytail, huge hair bows, or sparkly short dresses that Barbie can easily perform in. Whatever you choose, just make sure it’s a fun outfit! I wonder what career Barbie will choose after this – my money is on rodeo clown… Oh, just kidding!