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Barbie Rock Band

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Game Description

Barbie in a Disney Rock Band

Barbie has decided to start a band featuring Disney princesses! No, of course I’m not making this up. Yes, I know Barbie was a rocket scientist just last week, and an astronaut the week before that. Barbie is a busy woman who changes careers pretty often, but she seems really serious about this new endeavor. She has hired Disney movie stars Ariel, Queen Elsa, and Snow White to be her back-up singers in the band. I can’t imagine Elsa standing in the background for anyone without eventually turning them into a giant ice statue, but who knows? Barbie usually knows what she is doing, after all. You can help dress these Disney stars along with their lead singer Barbie in edgy rocker looks for their opening night. Hopefully Ariel doesn’t lose her voice before the show – she has been known to do that before!