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Ambilight 20s

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Game Description

Ambilight 1920s Dress Up Game

Oh, the 1920’s… I remember the glitz and glamour like it was yesterday. Just kidding – I’m not that old, you know! In any case, the style of the 1920s is highly memorable for flapper dresses, sequins, and sparkles galore. Women were cutting their hair shorter and experiencing with showing off their ankles. Scandalous, isn’t it? No, not really but it was back then! Anyway, our girl Amber is a huge fan of this style and loves to wear her grandmother’s vintage 1920’s gowns. I must admit I am a little envious of some of these pieces – they are really timeless looks! In this game you can dig through Amber’s unique wardrobe and play dress up with her, bringing an unforgettable fashion era back to life once more.