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Game Description

Lolita Creator Design Game

Lolita is a Japanese street fashion that is inspired by older clothing styles, like Victorian-era and Rococo kinds of clothing. Nowadays Lolita fashion has become popular all over the world, and in this game you can dress our girl Cindy in different kinds of Lolita inspired pieces. There are a variety of ways you can dress using Lolita fashion – Gothic Lolita is very different from Princess Lolita, for example. Cindy is a little too busy to figure out all of the options she has in this game, so she would like your help creating a fun Lolita outfit. You can change the colors of every piece of clothing, shoe, or accessory in this game, as well as experiment with Cindy’s hair and make-up colors. That means you can give Cindy normal colors or go crazy and make her hair bright green – I wonder how she’ll react to something like that? Oh well… she has trusted you, so that means anything you say goes in this fun dress-up game!